Saturday, 28 April 2012

Cabaret table

Cabaret table design
Inspiration for the table was born in interior and furniture designer Agnieszka Muszynska straight after watching cabaret show with the dancers. The idea was to create simple yet elegant and sophisticated table for a bar, restaurant, disco, hotel and other entertainment related premises which would enhance the character of the area. But it also can be a table in a private home as I do believe it will enhance any interior. Soft shape of this piece of furniture will easily blend with the interior.
The table has been created in a few diffrent shades to suit individual taste and surrounding area.
Feminine table with touch of elegance, created to appreciate women body. Cabaret table concept idea was born to enhance the beauty of lady leg in a boot which is both very appealing and sexy.
The table it is more than just furniture, can also a decoration on its own. Shiny texture of the material will add sparkle to any room or area where the table will be display. Mild and smooth construction of the table so nice to touch will blend nicely with the overall character of the area where is displayed.

Stolik Cabaret
Inspiracją dla stworzenia tego stolika był show kabaretowy z tancerkami które na swych nogach miały kozaki uzyte w projekcie stolika. Prosty stolik który świetnie będzie wygladał w restauracji, barze, dyskotece, hotelu lub innym pomieszczeniu. Ale również pasuje do prywatnego domu. Miękki opływowy kształt mebla skomponuje się z charakterem pomieszczenia. Sexy stolik ktory wierzę że jest dekoracją sam w sobie doda charakteru każdemu pomieszczeniu.

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